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Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck
By Mastermind | 07.27.2016 | Categories: escape room, games, team building

Team building activities aim to strengthen bonds, enhance teamwork skills and allow everyone to see things from a whole new perspective. At least, that’s how they are supposed to work on paper. In reality, team building activities tend to waste time people could be spending working. Instead, they get the privilege of standing around awkwardly and doing things that make everyone uncomfortable.

Stymie the cynicism and prove to both your employees and yourself that team building activities can be worth a darn by trying these four activities. They’re genuinely fun and actually have valuable experiences to contribute.

Back to Back Drawing

Divide your group into teams of two, and place them sitting on the floor or in chairs back to back so that they cannot see what the other has in their hand. Start by giving one member of each team a simple black and white drawing with an array of specific details, such as this one. Then, have that team member describe the picture while the other team member recreates it according to their specifications. No peeking!

Challenge the group to get as close or specific as possible — at least, without artistic merit being a factor. Things like the direction the subject is facing and their pose matter. Give praise to the team who gets the closest, and have the exercise repeated with switched partners and a different image.

Role Playing

Awww yeah, we’re talking real role-playing, Dungeons & Dragons style.

You don’t have own a 20 sided die or love Lord of the Rings to appreciate these role playing scenarios, though. Everyone has the capacity to use their imagination and apply it to challenges, so take advantage of that talent by playing “Game Master” and throwing real-world type scenarios their way.

The simplest ones are “what items do you take?” scenarios. NASA actually uses a specific one with a scoring system involving a moon landing, and there are other common ones such being trapped on rafts at sea.

You could get more creative by coming up with scenarios of your own and throwing them at the group. Have impending challenges that arrive whether they prepared for them or not, such as starting their day with a broken piece of equipment then having a huge order come in. The game runner assumes the role of people like customers or repairmen. Don’t be too harsh, but also let them know when things would be going wrong. Make sure to offer up opportunities that play to each member’s strengths.

Volunteer As a Group

Volunteering has been proven to release dopamine and foster positive feelings among teams who work together. Habitat for Humanity builds are an especially positive volunteer experience since they allow the group to quickly see the fruits of their labor.

Puzzle Solving

Similar to volunteering, puzzle solving allows the group to feel a rush of accomplishment that brings them together. They learn how to communicate while altering their typical way of thinking, all to pursue a common goal. If you’re interested in seeing some other examples of an escape room check out what Fox in the Box offer.

A popular in-office puzzle is the Zin Obelisk challenge. It essentially involves solving a riddle by giving each team member separate clues that build off one another.

For an unforgettable out-of-office puzzle solving experience, you can also try Mastermind Escape Games. Our escape rooms are certain to immerse your group into the challenge while motivating them to pull together and find solutions through their collective willpower and mental prowess.

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