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Best Things for Teens to Do in Peachtree City
By Mastermind | 08.01.2016 | Categories: escape room, things to do

Peachtree City gives teens who are active or have a thirst for adventure plenty to chew on. Whilst it may seem like a quiet, suburban bedroom town, there are still still plenty of fun things for teens to do in Peachtree City. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Peachtree City, however, if you prefer to relax with your friends, there are a lot of things you could consider doing too. For example, some teens might prefer to have a get together with their friends and have a couple of cold drinks. If that’s the case, those teens might want to find the best Mini Fridges to ensure their drinks remain cold whilst they relax with their friends. Whilst this option is good for those who are less adventurous, other people might prefer to explore some of the other things that Peachtree City has to offer. Here are some of the most notable things to do:

Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck
By Mastermind | 07.27.2016 | Categories: escape room, games, team building

Team building activities aim to strengthen bonds, enhance teamwork skills and allow everyone to see things from a whole new perspective. At least, that’s how they are supposed to work on paper. In reality, team building activities tend to waste time people could be spending working. Instead, they get the privilege of standing around awkwardly and doing things that make everyone uncomfortable.

Date Night Ideas in Sandy Springs
By Mastermind | 07.19.2016 | Categories: Date Night

Sandy Springs offers an amazing opportunity for fun times without the crowds or expense found at nearby Atlanta venues. The city also has a unique atmosphere all to its own; while Buckhead and other parts of Atlanta are certainly worth visiting for a great night out, you could easily have a great time right here in Sandy Springs.

What Makes a Good Escape Room?
By Mastermind | 07.02.2016 | Categories: escape room, games

Escape rooms offer a sense of mystery, adventure and irresistible challenge. Getting that perfect mix of theme and enjoyable puzzle mechanics requires no small amount of attention to detail. Any out of place element or overly perplexing clue can ruin the fun.

Escape Room Tips: Six Ways to Prep for Your Next Escape Game
By Mastermind | 06.02.2016 | Categories: escape room, games

Escape Rooms are a unique experience, so that means there’s no way to prepare for them, right? Wrongo! Despite the efforts we take to put people in unfamiliar situations, there are always repeated elements that you can recognize to give you a hint towards the next step. Whether you visit a Chicago Escape Room or visit one in London, every escape room is different which is why they’re so great!

Four Effective Team Building Tips for Businesses
By Mastermind | 06.02.2016 | Categories: escape room, games

In our post-recession economy, team building has become more important than ever. To reduce the turnover and lack of communication that increasingly drags down productivity, we must allow teams to evolve and flourish organically in order to make everyone not only happier, but work better together.

Escape Room = The New Family Game Night
By Mastermind | 06.02.2016 | Categories: escape room, games

Tired of the monotony of Monopoly? Is your Scrabble board missing its best letters? Has playing the game of Life become more boring than life itself?

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